2024 Beer & Food Attraction Italy

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February 18th-20th, 2024

Expo Centre | Rimini, Italy


  • January 5 - Deadline to apply for trade mission travel
  • January 12 - Deadline to register with the EDP, Export Certificates Due
  • January 18 - Consolidation warehouse arrival deadline

Exclusive benefit for Export Development Program members

Not a member? Learn more about the Program benefits and fees.

Member breweries of the Export Development Program are invited to participate in the Beer & Food Attraction international exhibition taking place in Rimini, Italy on February 18-20, 2024.

Beer & Food Attraction is an international fair dedicated to craft beer, food, and beverages. Whereas other trade shows in Europe are catered to producers of beer as the attendees, Beer & Food Attraction offers a platform for those producers to market and sell to buyers and retailers. The culinary component complements the beer and beverage focus of the show and brings in a strong HORECA audience that is a good channel for the EDP and American craft beer segment to target.

Members interested in the Italian and other European markets are encouraged to participate.

2023 show facts & figures:

  • 33,852 attendees
  • 600 brands
  • 85 countries

The Brewers Association will be hosting a trade mission to Italy as part of attendance at the Beer & Food Attraction event. The trade mission will enable participating breweries to meet with importers and participate in other organized activities that promote American craft beer in the market.

For more information, please visit the Beer & Food Attraction website.

Timeline for Participation

  • January 5, 2024– Deadline to apply for Trade Mission Travel. Note: Travel is not a requirement to participate in the Beer & Food Attraction Event.
  • January 12, 2024- Beer Registration Deadline AND export certificates are due.
  • January 18, 2024– Deadline for beer to arrive at either east or west coast consolidation.
  • February 18-20, 2024 – Beer & Food Attraction takes place.

Costs to Participate

The BA will cover the cost of airfreight shipment to Italy, customs clearance, delivery, and onsite activities. Participating breweries will be asked to cover the cost of delivering samples to the consolidation site in California.

Beer Volume Requirements

It is suggested to send up to three different beers, one case of each. No more than four cases total.

Brewery representatives traveling to Italy are asked to send up to six cases.

Registration Instructions

Note: Registering beer for shipment and trade mission travel applications requires separate registration form completions.

1. Trade Mission Travel ApplicationThe application for trade mission travel can be found in the following section titled “Travel & Trade Mission Application”. Travel is not a requirement to send beer for the event. If you do not plan to apply for trade mission travel OR you have already completed an application, please proceed to step 2. Applications for travel will not be accepted after January 5.

2. Beer Registration – Register your brewery and beers to be included in a consolidated shipment to Italy via the form at the bottom of this page no later than Friday, Jan. 12. 

  • Within the registration form, brewers must provide for each beer: 1) Production Lot Code, 2.) Best By Date, and 3.) Label artwork. All three are required for customs clearance in Italy.

3. Export Certificate Submission Both documents are due no later than Friday, Jan 12 for all beer being sent for consolidation.

To ship beer to Italy, breweries must complete and provide two documents for customs clearance. These documents must be emailed (word doc or PDF in a digital format that is not scanned) to both Steve Parr and Leonard Noto. For breweries that have previously shipped beer to Italy or participated in an EDP shipment to Italy, it is suggested that previously completed export certificates be used as a template.

Specifically, each brewery is required to fill out and provide the following documents on brewery letterhead with your logo:

  1. Manufacturers Certificate for each beer – download template
    This certificate breaks down the ingredients in each product by weight in the recipe, including any specialty (non-regular beer) ingredients and their country of origin. Water, malted barley, hops, and yeast do not need to state their country of origin, only ingredients such as fruit, spices, etc. The contents/requirements of this certificate are:
    • On company letterhead with the title “Manufacturers Certification”
    • Name of the Beer
    • Packaging Type and Size in oz and ml (bottles, cans, kegs)
    • Alcohol Percentage
    • List of ingredients with their percentage by weight in the recipe as well as the country of origin of any specialty ingredients. This is the most critical portion of this certificate. To calculate the numbers, it is sufficient to take the weight of all ingredients going into the recipe (malted barley, hops, water, yeast and any specialty ingredients) rather than what is in the finished product once filtered. If there are any specialty ingredients, their country of origin must be listed. Hop and grain types do not need to be separated, however, wheat should be listed as a separate item if present in the recipe.
    • Standard statement that the ingredients and processing requirements meet US Food requirements for human consumption.
    • Name of the person authorized to provide this information as well as the brewery address at the bottom of the page.
  2. Certificate of Health & Sanitation– download template
    This certificate certifies that all products shipped comply with provisions governing the production of alcoholic beverages for human consumption in the United States. The contents/requirements of this certificate are:
    • Printed on company letterhead/company name with the title “Certificate of Health/Sanitation”
    • Company information to include business name, address, and Brewer’s Notice number
    • Shipped To information field as follows:
      • Country: Italy
      • Company: Rimini Fiera Expo Center, Attn: Beer Attraction Show
      • Address: Via Emilia 155, 47921, Rimini, Italy, Padiglione D5
    • List each beer shipped along with the number of cases, number of units per case, and unit volume
    • Name or signature on both pages of the brewery staff person that is authorized with the TTB
    • Do not send the completed document to TTB for stamping. The EDP team will complete this step for you.

Travel & Trade Mission Application

The Brewers Association will be hosting a trade mission to Italy as part of attendance at the Beer & Food Attraction event. The trade mission will enable participating breweries to meet with importers and participate in other activities that promote American craft beer in the market. This is an opportunity both for breweries that have existing distribution in Italy and breweries that are new to the market. Brewery representative presence enhances the impact of promoting American craft beer abroad and provides a valuable opportunity for brewery staff to better understand market opportunities.

The EDP has set aside a budget to offer travel assistance in the form of reimbursement for certain expenses for brewery representatives traveling to Rimini as part of this BA mission. Participants will be expected to represent the BA and American craft beer industry generally, work the festival on behalf of the BA, and participate in other organized EDP activities. Interested brewery staff are asked to complete the online application by January 5, 2024. Review and selection of applications will take place on an ongoing basis and will be determined using criteria including the timing of application, number of applicants, and application alignment with the activity’s mission and goals.

Apply for Trade Mission Travel here.

Shipping Beer to Consolidation

EDP members have a choice of one of two consolidation points on the east and west coast. Beer for the event must arrive at either consolidation warehouse no later than January 18, 2024. Beers that do not arrive on time or are not labeled properly are not guaranteed participation.

All cases must be labeled to ensure proper consolidation. Please label each case: “BrewersAssoc/Italy” or print/attach this label

East coast consolidation warehouse address:

LAK Warehouse
Attn: BA/EBS
106 Kenny Place
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Phone: (201) 226-1981
Warehouse Contact: Steve Krawczuk

West coast consolidation warehouse address:

Note: Palletized deliveries must be scheduled with Global Craft prior to arrival. It is required to have a dock appointment otherwise delivery may be refused or assessed for additional fees.

Balmuth & Company LLC
Attn: BA/Italy
901 East “E” Street
Suite 201
Wilmington, CA 90744
Tel: 310-514-7226

Delivery Contact Person: Leonard Noto, ops@globalcraft.com, 310-514-7226

Questions? Contact EDP manager Steve Parr.

Registration Form:

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