2024 Melbourne Royal Australian International Beer Awards

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May 1st-31st, 2024

Melbourne, Australia


  • March 7 - Competition Registration Closes
  • March 29 - Beer due to west coast consolidation warehouse

Exclusive benefit for BA Export Development Program members

Not a member? Learn more about the Program benefits and fees.

The Melbourne Royal Australian International Beer Awards is the region’s largest annual beer competition and presents a valuable opportunity for American craft brewers to compete on the international stage for recognition. In 2023, the Awards attracted 2,826 entries from 21 countries. American craft brewers won 95 awards, including 17 gold, 31 silver, and 45 bronze medals.

The Brewers Association (BA) Export Development Program (EDP) views international competitions as a key mechanism by which to generate publicity for the U.S. craft beer industry and assist EDP subscribers with gaining attention and distribution for their brands in select target markets. Entry fees for up to three beers and a consolidated airfreight shipment to Australia for all Export Development Program members will be covered by the program.

Event Timeline

Entry Registration Open: Tuesday, January 30
Entry Registration Closed: Thursday, March 7 (March 8, Australia)
Deadline for Delivery to West Coast consolidation warehouse: Friday, March 29
Judging in Melbourne, Australia: Tuesday, May 7 – Friday, May 10
Awards Presentation: Thursday, May 16


Breweries are responsible for delivering labeled entries to the consolidation point. Entries without competition labels may be rejected by the competition.

The Brewers Association EDP will cover the entry fee for up to three brands (bottles and cans only) per brewery for Export Development Program members. There is no limit on the number of submissions per brewery but each additional brand entered will be subject to the competition’s entry fee requirement. See the below table for costs. Airfreight shipment to Australia will be covered for all EDP member entries.

Note: Payment for entries beyond three will occur during the final stage of registration.

Annual Production Cost Per Additional Entry (after first three)
Greater than 25,000 hL/21,304 BBLS AUD$310
5,001 hL/4,262 BBLS to 25,000 hL/21,304 BBLS AUD$280
Up to and including 5,000 hL/4,261 BBLS AUD$185

Registration Instructions

Please read the following registration instructions carefully before proceeding:

  1. Download and read the 2024 Entry Book.
  2. Complete the Online Competition Registration.
    Instructions for EDP Members: When asked “Do you belong to a National Brewers Association?” select the answer “US Brewers Association Export Development Program Member”. This takes place during “Section 3: Details”.

    As an EDP member, you will only be asked to pay for entries beyond three. Following registration, you will receive an entry acknowledgment email that includes information for your competition labels. Competition labels must be affixed to each bottle/can before your entries are shipped to the consolidation point. Each entry will have unique registration info.

  3. Complete the EDP Member Brewery Shipment Registration at the bottom of this page.
  4. Label your entries before shipping beer. Entries must arrive at the consolidation point no later than March 29. See page 32 of the Entry Book (step 1) for details on labeling.

Beer Volume Requirements for Judging

The number of bottles/cans required for judging depends on the size of the packaging. If it is easier to send a quantity above the minimums below, please do – beers not utilized for judging will be used at media, trade, and consumer events. Note: Volumes below are lower than what’s published on the competition website, and have been approved by competition organizers.

Package Size Quantity Required for Judging
12 oz (355mL) 12 bottles or cans
16.9 oz (500 mL) 8 bottles or cans
22 oz (650 mL) 6 bottles or cans
25 oz (750 mL) 6 bottles or cans

Entry Labeling Requirement

In addition to bearing commercial labels, all entries must bear Australian International Beer Awards-issued competition labels. Competition labels will be included in the exhibitor entry confirmation email in PDF format (as an attachment) that will be sent once your entries have been validated and payment received in full. Please review all details under “Labelling of Exhibits” within the Entry Book for further details.

Please note: Entries not bearing competition labels will not be judged. Labels must be affixed before arrival at the consolidation warehouse.

Shipping Registration Form

Your labeled entries are due to the Wilmington, California warehouse no later than Friday, March 29. Beers that do not arrive before the deadline are not guaranteed inclusion in the shipment.

Note: Palletized deliveries must be scheduled with Balmuth & Co. warehouse prior to arrival. It is required to have a dock appointment otherwise delivery may be refused or assessed for additional fees.

Please ship to the consolidation warehouse in original cases or in a shipping box that is similar in size to the original case. This is important as the beers will be palletized tightly for air shipment. Do not individually wrap each bottle or can in bubble wrap or put the bottles or cans loosely in large boxes of Styrofoam peanuts. Large boxes will need to be opened and repacked, to fit on the pallet – thus the importance of shipping in the original case.

All cases need to be labeled “BA/AIBA” or print/affix this label.

All bottles/cans need to include the Australian International Beer Awards competition labels from your official competition entry acknowledgment email sent by the competition organizers.

Looking for tips on packing/shipping beer for competitions? Start with Slide 15 of this Craft Brewers Conference seminar on International Shipping for U.S. Brewers.

Consolidation Warehouse Shipping Address:

Balmuth & Company LLC
Attn: BrewersAssoc/AIBA
901 East “E” Street
Suite 201
Wilmington, CA 90744
Tel: 310-514-7226

Delivery Contact Person: Leonard Noto, ops@balmuth.com, 310-514-7226

Registration for Consolidated Shipment:

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