Managing Malting Barley and Grains Supply Chain Quality

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Health concerns associated with the widespread use of glyphosate have created public interest and questions, both in Europe and in the U.S. This best practice guidance is designed to increase understanding, scrutiny and accountability at all levels of the North American malting barley, wheat and grains supply chain. While concern about glyphosate is not isolated to the brewing industry, brewers bear the ultimate responsibility for their purchasing decisions and for the quality of the ingredients they use to make beer.

“Brewers Association is committed to supporting the brewing industry’s centuries-long tradition of producing great beers with the highest quality ingredients,” said Supply Chain Specialist Chris Swersey. “BA technical staff, technical committee and supply chain subcommittee developed this best practice document on behalf of our member brewers and maltsters to reaffirm existing industry guidance promulgated by AMBA in the U.S. and by BMBRI in Canada.”

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