Tasting Room Sales on Tap in Florida

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Further amended during a second round of committee consideration in which franchise provisions were removed, H.B. 107, among other provisions, would expressly allow taproom sales at the licensed premises to consumers for on-premises or off-premises consumption (including growlers which are specified to be containers of 32, 64, and 128 ounces) without obtaining a vendor’s license; permits a manufacturer to obtain a vendor’s license at two manufacturing premises; allows brewpubs to sell malt beverages brewed on premises for on-premises or off-premises consumption and malt beverages brewed by other manufacturers as authorized by its vendors license; permits manufacturers or distributors to conduct tasting of malt beverages on a vendor’s licensed premises; and provides for self-distribution of up to 2,000 kegs annually to vendors who are not within the exclusive sales territory of a distributor with whom the manufacturer is under contract.

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