Stand with Texas Craft Brewers and Oppose House Bill 3287

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The Texas Craft Brewers Guild is asking you to sign their online petition TODAY asking the Texas House of Representatives to oppose House Bill 3287.

Please read the following information provided by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

House Bill 3287, a damaging, anti-competitive taproom bill which aims to put a new ceiling on success for craft breweries in Texas, has been fast tracked for a vote in the Texas House of Representatives as early as today, May 5th.

Introduced at the behest of Texas’s wholesaler trade groups, HB 3287 originally claimed to only target craft breweries acquired by large, multi-national breweries. In reality, it hurts the current value and future expansion capabilities of all Texas breweries, large and small.

Now, the latest version of HB 3287 would require craft breweries who produce (or will produce in the future) 175,000 barrels of beer per year, and want to keep their taprooms open, to pay those same Texas wholesalers behind this bill what is essentially a tax on taproom sales.

In other word, distributors would collect a fee for any beer sold in a brewery’s own taproom, even thought that beer never leaves the brewery.

It is not the job of the wholesalers to regulate the current or future rights of Texas brewers or to interfere with the rights that Texas craft breweries have built their businesses on. Anti-competitive bills like HB 3287 jeopardize the continued growth of craft brewing businesses and the many new jobs they create.

If you are passionate about the growth of craft beer in Texas please use the link below to sign our petition asking the Texas House of Representatives to oppose HB 3287.

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Thanks for your support.

Charles Vallhonrat

Executive Director

Texas Craft Brewers Guild