Brewers Association Petitions TTB for Further Formula Requirement Exemptions

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Last week, the Brewers Association (BA) submitted its latest petition to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) seeking exemption from formula requirements for specific ingredients used in the brewing of beer.

Since 2006, the BA has submitted four ingredient exemption petitions to TTB bringing the list of ingredients determined to be traditional, and therefore not subject to formula requirements, to eighty-eight. The BA’s 2021 petition and the latest submitted last week, both of which are pending review and action, potentially add another fifteen ingredients to that exempt list.

The exemption of nearly 100 ingredients represents significant time and cost savings for both small brewers and TTB personnel, and importantly allows brewers to brew innovative beers on their schedules without unnecessary regulatory review delays. For more information, access the current list of traditional ingredients.

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