Small and Independent Craft Brewers Rally on Capitol Hill

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More than 150 small brewery owners and state guild leaders climbed Capitol Hill on June 4 to tell the story of small and independent American craft brewers. After a briefing, the group set out to meet with 315 congressional offices, 153 that were Member level. The messages they delivered to members of Congress stressed the positive aspects of job creation and craft brewers’ roles as small, Main Street USA businesses.

During the meetings, brewers discussed the Small Brewer Reinvestment and Expanding Workforce Act (Small BREW Act). Representatives and Senators that were not already co-sponsors of this legislation were provided information on how it would assist small breweries in expanding and creating more local, manufacturing jobs. Brewery and guild representatives also encouraged them to support the small brewers in their district or state by joining the House or Senate Bipartisan Small Brewers Caucuses. Other topics included Small Brewer Tax Bonding and Reporting Requirements (S. 904) and spent grain.

Brewers Association Hill Climb

The Brewers Association’s Bob Pease noted: “As CEO, it is invigorating to see so many BA members travel to DC to share a real American success story with lawmakers.”

Each and every day Congress becomes more familiar with the strong economic and social contributions of America’s growing, dynamic craft brewing community. The Brewers Association thanks the brewery and guild representatives that participated in the Hill climb. Breweries are encouraged to invite elected official to tour their breweries as a way to continue outreach throughout the year.


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