Florida Bill Would Allow Traditional Growler Sales and More

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With the adoption of a committee substitute version, Senate Bill 186 now contains provisions limiting the amount of malt beverages that can be transferred between breweries owned by the same brewer to 100 percent of the yearly production of the receiving brewery and that all malt beverages and other alcoholic beverages that are not manufactured at a brewery owned by the brewer must be obtained through a distributor, an importer, sales agent, or broker. The bill also allows malt beverage tastings on the licensed premises of any vendor authorized to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink for consumption on the premises. The bill retains previously included provisions to authorize the sale of malt beverages packaged in individual containers of 32, 64 or 128 ounces by certain license holders if they are filled at the point of sale and have an unbroken seal or are incapable of being immediately consumed and the authorization of the issuance of vendor’s licenses to manufacturers of malt beverages for the sale of alcoholic beverages on property that includes a brewery. It deletes the requirement that the licensed property must include “other structures which promote the brewery and the tourist industry of the state” in order to be eligible to be a vendor-licensed brewer.

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