Congressman Visits Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.; Commits to Support Small Brewer Tax Bill

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Continuing an August tradition, Congressman Lee Terry (R-Nebraska) made his third visit to Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. in as many years on Monday, August 15.  Hosted by Zac Triemert, President of Lucky Bucket, Representative Terry spent over an hour touring the brewery to get a first-hand look at the latest expansion underway at the La Vista brewery.

After touring the brewery and discussing the challenges Lucky Bucket faces in meeting demand for its beer, Zac explained how H.R. 1236, the small brewer federal excise tax recalibration legislation, could help his business overcome those challenges.

“I told the Congressman that, with our continued growth, I need to hire three more employees right now but can only afford one. H.R. 1236 would give me the resources to meet that need and allow my business to keep growing.”

Zac also made the point that it’s not only his brewery that finds itself hamstrung in the effort to grow and meet demand, but that many Nebraska small brewers are in the same situation. Representative Terry was convinced, giving his support on the spot and emailing his staff from the brewery instructing them to have his name added as a co-sponsor of the legislation.

“Representative Terry has always been interested in the issues we face as a small business,” said Triemert, and the Congressman certainly proved the point on Monday. From his annual visits to a constituent small brewery to his active support of small brewer issues (the Congressman is also a member of the House Small Brewers Caucus), Representative Lee Terry has proven himself a true friend of Nebraska small brewers.