BA Adds New Hire to Place Emphasis on State Guilds

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Developing state guilds, and communicating with current and potential guild leaders is a major divisional focus for the Brewers Association (BA) in 2011.

Acacia Coast, the BA’s new state brewers association coordinator, says it isn’t just about making phone calls.  Acacia traveled to New Orleans on May 21 to assist area brewers in forming a guild, and will be attending the Northern California Brewers Guild and the San Diego Brewers Guild’s upcoming meetings.

Recent Guild Activity


  • Kansas brewers formed a state guild in early 2011.
  • Utah held their initial guild formation meeting in 2011, which was attended by BA staff.
  • Initial guild startup meetings are scheduled for Delaware and Idaho.
  • BA Staff is targeting Tennessee and Rhode Island to lend support in starting state guilds.

So far this year, BA staff has participated in five state guild meetings in Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, Utah and Virginia. The BA has invitations to 13 other meetings, and currently plans to attend seven more in 2011.

“One of my main goals will be to help new and fledgling guilds develop by learning from successful, established guilds. I hope to broaden communication and spread successful ideas and actions,” said Acacia.  “We are excited to participate in establishing Louisiana’s guild and will take what we learn there to quickly help other states establish a guild.”

Acacia is actively communicating with guild leaders across the U.S. and is developing a master schedule of guild activities.  Extensive travel is in the plan to increase the BA’s in-person interaction and representation with state guilds. 

Goals for State Brewers Association Coordinator

  • Establish best practices of successful guilds in order to share that knowledge across the nation’s guilds.
  • Help the handful of states without guilds establish successful guilds.
  • Support the inactive guilds across the nation, helping to re-establish their momentum, purpose, and create a unified voice.
  • Assist and provide resources for guild leaders in their efforts to represent the brewers of their states on federal, legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Learn more about our nation’s brewers guilds in the Brewers Association’s Guilds area.

Acacia can be contacted at

Acacia CoastAcacia joined the Brewers Association after serving for five years with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), one of the top leadership development organizations in the world, where she coordinated leadership programs for CEOs, military brass, astronauts, and executives from a myriad of industries.