Blue Moon Lands in Court

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A Class action lawsuit has been filed in California Superior Court, San Diego County, alleging that MillerCoors, through false and deceptive marketing, has caused substantial injury to consumers who purchased Blue Moon beer.  Citing the Brewers Association (BA) definition of a craft brewer, the suit claims that the beer allegedly brewed by Blue Moon Brewing Co. is actually brewed by MillerCoors, LLC, a company that falls outside the BA craft brewer definition.  Additionally, the suit references transparency issues in contending that MillerCoors “goes to great lengths to disassociate Blue Moon beer from the MillerCoors name.  MillerCoors does not appear anywhere on the bottle.” The claim explains the injury in these terms: “As a direct and proximate result of Defendant’s unlawful business practices, Class members suffered injury in that they paid a premium price for a product that would not ordinarily command a premium price, or purchased a product they otherwise would not have purchased, absent Defendant’s misrepresentations and omissions.”