Hazard Assessment – The Safety Tool for Busy Brewers

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Speaker: Matt Stinchfield

Hazard assessment is a simple, systematic procedure that helps identify and overcome workplace safety hazards for every job in the brewery. Safety Ambassador Matt Stinchfield will guide you through the process using examples drawn from everyday brewing activities. He will highlight the importance of developing standard operating procedures and point out free guidance and templates. Using these resources, brewers can immediately begin improving their workplace safety, often for little or no cost.

Matt’s presentation will complement the Hazard Assessment Principles resource developed by the BA Safety Subcommittee. This invaluable document outlines the steps involved in carrying out an effective analysis, provides tools for prioritizing hazard elimination and includes a template for standard operating procedures (SOPs).

About the Speaker

Matt Stinchfield

Matt Stinchfield, Safety Ambassador

Brewers Association

Matt Stinchfield has been actively creating safer workplaces for over three decades. He has focused on brewery safety for the last 20 years as a safety and loss control consultant to mid-sized and regional craft breweries and distilleries. At the Brewers Association he is a founding member of the Safety Subcommittee which began in 2013, and has held the role of Safety Ambassador since 2015. Matt founded his own brewery, Ploughshare Brewing Company, in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2014.

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