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Communicating Craft articles help educate craft brewers, distributors and retailers on best practices and tools to promote craft beer and craft brewers.

How Storytelling Can Help Your Brewery

By Jess Baker If you own a brewery, have you thought about your story: Who are you? What makes your brewery, your people, your story stand out? No two breweries are alike. You might brew similar beers, …More

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9 Ways to Use the Independent Craft Brewer Seal

Nine ways to use the independent craft brewer seal in your brewery’s taproom! From glassware, cornhole sets to 21+ hand stamps, utilizing the seal in your brewery’s marketing is just getting started. Don’t forget to …More

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Independent Craft Brewer Seal Has Momentum

Update October 12, 2017: 2,375 brewing companies representing an estimated 75% of U.S. craft brewer volume have signed on! Since its release on June 27, the Brewers Association’s (BA) new independent craft brewer seal is garnering …More

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Identifying Independent Beer: Why it Matters

Well-known symbols help deliver important messages quickly. With a desire to drive awareness, preference, and sales of beer from small, independent U.S. craft brewers, the seal was born.

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Vetting Interview Opportunities

By Abby Cohen With today’s proliferation of media, traditional news outlets aren’t the only journalists in town any more. Brands are increasingly becoming publishers, offering their own content that helps tell their story. Marketers are leveraging sponsored …More

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6 Ways to Refresh Your Brewery

Even if things are running smoothly, there are always adjustments that can improve the day-to-day experience for guests and staff.

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