Independent Craft Brewer Seal POS for Retailers

Independence Pays

Independent craft beer outperforms Big Beer acquired brands on key measures. There’s money on the table. Take advantage by displaying the independent craft brewer seal in your business.

What is the Seal?

The independent craft brewer seal is a certification mark that clearly identifies truly independent craft, something beer drinkers want to know. Over 75% of all independent craft volume has already joined the movement and signed up to use the seal.

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Adopting the Seal Pays

Independent craft beer is purchased by more people, more frequently and more is spent per purchase vs. Big Beer acquired brands. The seal identifies independent craft and steers consumer behavior.

  • More People24% higher household penetration.
  • More Spent12% larger purchase size.Data sourced from the Nielsen Company, 2018.
  • More FrequentlyPurchased 43% more frequently per year.

Identify Independent Craft Brewers

Double check which brands are true independent craft by looking for the seal next to their listing.

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Point-of-Sale Materials

From cooler clings to coasters, here are just a few ways you can use the seal to identify the independent craft brands beer drinkers seek.


Celebrating the Independent Beer Movement

The Brewers Association (BA) has launched a new national awareness campaign, “That’s Independence You’re Tasting.” This integrated advertising campaign is part of the BA’s ongoing efforts to support America’s small and independent craft brewers and their retail partners.