Hop Grower Codes

Since the 2007-2008 hop shortage, the Brewers Association has encouraged brewers to develop stronger relationships with their hop merchants and hop growers. A business relationship can be significantly strengthened with a handshake and personal contact. In this era of rapidly shifting hop acreage, brewers must make their aroma hop needs known to growers to ensure supply of their preferred varieties.

Brewers need to become familiar with the hop grower number on their hop shipments. This concept allows both brewers and growers to benefit from the terroir value of the hops used in order to continue making the world’s greatest beers.

How to Read Hop Grower Codes

The grower numbers are commonly formatted using the convention, yv–nnn–l, where:

  • y=Year
  • v=Variety
  • nnn=3-digit grower number
  • l=Lot number or variety letter.

For example, you might encounter a codes like these stenciled on a bale or box of hops:


  • “9” is the last digit of the year grown, in this case 2009.
  • “L” is the variety of hops; in this case, Nugget from Oregon.
  • “123” is a fictitious three digit grower number.
  • “01” is lot number 1.


  • “9” is the last digit of the year grown, in this case 2009
  • “CA” is the variety of hops – in this case, Cascade from Washington
  • “123” is a fictitious three digit grower number
  • “Z” is lot Z

Hop Grower Numbers

Here are the hop grower numbers that have been provided so far, organized numerically. A hop grower may have more than one number assigned to allow tracking of different fields or non-contiguous harvest areas. Hop grower websites are included when known.

Please contact chris@brewersassociation.org to update web links, grower numbers, or any info that you believe is incorrect below.

Grower Number Grower Name State
101 Elk Mountain Farms  ID
102 Jackson Hop  ID
105 Gooding Farms  ID
106, 107 Weilmunster Farms  ID
112, 113 Obendorf Farms  ID
114 Rim Ranches  ID
122 Gooding Farms  ID
123 Obendorf Hop  ID
202 Annen Bros OR
212 Fobert Farms OR
214 Goshchie Farms OR
247 Sodbuster Farms OR
270 4-B Farms OR
277 3-D Farms WA
301 Lightning Ag WA
308, 309, 312, 313 Brulotte Farms WA
319 Stan Brulotte Farms WA
321 Carpenter Farms WA
323 Champoux Farms WA
325 Sauve & Sons WA
330 Wyckoff Farms WA
333 Charvet Hop Farm WA
339, 340 Marc Desmarais Farms WA
341 Favilla Brothers WA
343 Roy Farms WA
346 Double R Hop Ranch WA
347 Favilla Brothers WA
348 Harrah Farms WA
349 Green Acre Farms WA
350 Amos Gamache Farms WA
351, 352, 353 Tom Gasseling WA
354, 355 Black Star Ranch WA
356, 357 Tom Gasseling WA
358 Virgil Gamache Farms WA
359, 360 Tom Gasseling WA
361 WM Gasseling Ranches WA
363 Green Acre Farms WA
364 Tom Gasseling WA
365 Jacobs Farms WA
370 HRP Enterprises WA
375 Green Acre Farms WA
378 Lensiegne Farms WA
381 BT Loftus Ranches WA
383 Morrier Ranch WA
387 Irving Newhouse & Sons WA
391 S P Farms & Ranch WA
392 Olsen Brothers Ranch WA
393, 394 S P Farms & Ranch WA
395 Puterbaugh Farms WA
396, 397 Perrault Farms WA
400 Virgil Gamache Farms WA
402 Roy Farms WA
403 William Gasseling Ranches WA
404, 406, 407 Roy Farms WA
408 Riel Fresh Hops WA
410 Roy Farms WA
411 Van Horn Farms WA
412, 413 Roy Farms WA
414 Carpenter Farms WA
415 Sauve & Sons WA
417 Segal Ranch WA
420 Shinn & Son WA
421, 423 Stepping P WA
425 Haas Ranches WA
427 Yakima Valley Hops WA
429, 431 SS Steiner WA
432 Wyckoff Farms WA
434, 435 SS Steiner WA
436 Haas Ranches WA
437 SS Steiner WA
438, 439 Favilla Brothers WA
441 SS Steiner WA
443 Haas Ranches WA
444 BT Loftus Ranches WA
445 Oasis Farms WA
450 Martinez Ranch WA
455 C & C Farms/Charron Farms WA
460, 461, 462, 463 Haas Ranches WA
475 Perrault Farms WA
477 BT Loftus Ranches WA

Hop Variety Codes

Hop Variety Variety Code
Ahtanum AH
Amarillo  V1
Apollo  AP
Bravo BR
Brewer’s Gold  BG
Cascade CA
Centennial CN
Chelan CE
Chinook CH
Citra CT
Cluster CL
Columbus CS
Crystal CR
Delta DE
Experimental EX
Fuggle FU
Galena GA
Glacier GL
Goldings GO
Hallertauer HA
Horizon HO
Liberty LI
Magnum MG
Millennium MM
Mt. Hood MH
Mt. Rainier MR
Newport NP
Northern Brewer NB
Nugget NU
Other OT
Palisade Y4
Perle PE
Santiam SN
Simcoe SI
Sterling ST
Strissel Spalt SS
Summit SU
Super Galena SG
Tea Maker TM
Tettnanger TE
Tillicum TI
Tomahawk TK
Vanguard VA
Warrior Y5
Willamette WI
Zeus ZE

The BA continues to develop resource lists of hop growers and hop varieties. Brewery members, hop growers and hop merchants who know hop grower numbers or hop variety letters not listed here are invited to provide them so they can be added to this list. Please send those to chris@brewersassociation.org.

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