Hop Grower Codes

Since the 2007-2008 hop shortage, the Brewers Association has encouraged brewers to develop stronger relationships with their hop merchants and hop growers. A business relationship can be significantly strengthened with a handshake and personal contact. In this era of rapidly shifting hop acreage, brewers must make their aroma hop needs known to growers to ensure supply of their preferred varieties.

Brewers need to become familiar with the hop grower number on their hop shipments. This concept allows both brewers and growers to benefit from the terroir value of the hops used in order to continue making the world’s greatest beers.

How to Read Hop Grower Codes

Most hop lot codes include the hop grower number, crop year, and a hop variety identifier. The appropriate state hop grower commission, your hop dealer, or your hop grower can explain how to read the hop lot codes on a particular hop bale or box.

Many dealers now post detailed lot information online as searchable or scannable data, that may include information about individual fields, spray records, certificates of analysis, oil content, etc.

Hop Growers of America provides information about industry standards.

Hop Grower Numbers

Brewers Association (BA) relies on Hop Growers of America (HGA) to provide a current list of hop grower codes. HGA issues grower codes to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain. Obtaining a grower number is a free service and does not require HGA membership. BA encourages hop growers to obtain a grower number through HGA and updates the following list regularly. BA will only list hop growers with hop grower numbers.

Please contact Chris Swersey if you have questions regarding grower numbers, or to correct any information included on the list.

Grower Number Grower Name State
AZ501 Latitude 32 Hops AZ
CA501 Star B Ranch CA
CA502 Pacific Family Farm CA
CA503 Nicolaus Nut Company CA
CO501 Peach Valley Hops LLC CO
CO502 Ella J Farms LLC CO
CT501 Pioneer Hops of Connecticut CT
FL501 Sunshine Hops Inc DBA-Burts Farms FL
FL502 Florida Hop Growers LLC FL
FL504 Florida Fresh Hops FL
IA501 Buck Creek Hops, LLC IA
IA502 Hope Ave Hops IA
IA503 Larson Brothers LLC IA
IA504 GO Hops IA
ID100 Diane Gooding ID
ID101 Elk Mountain Farms LLC ID
ID102 Jackson Hop ID
ID104 Schroeder Hop LLP ID
ID105 Gooding Farms ID
ID106 Weilmunster Farms ID
ID107 Weilmunster, John K ID
ID108 Central Cove ID
ID113 Obendorf Farms ID
ID114 Obendorf, Ray ID
ID116 Black Canyon Hop Company ID
ID119 HopLand LLC ID
ID120 Triple M Farms LLC ID
ID121 Randy Maxwell ID
ID122 Gooding Farms ID
ID123 Obendorf Hop Inc ID
ID124 TV Hops LLC ID
ID125 TV Hops LLC ID
IL501 Infinity Farms IL
IL502 Beery Hops/Hop Halo Farms IL
IL503 Sharp Mountain Hops IL
IL504 Bier Blume Farms LLC IL
IN501 Howe Farms IN
IN502 High Bines LLC IN
IN503 Tiger Claw Hops IN
KS501 Kansas Hop Company KS
KY501 Khickory Hill Farm of Kentucky KY
KY502 Tun Tavern Hops KY
KY503 Dinglehops LLC KY
MA501 Four Star Farms MA
MA502 Happy Hops Farm Inc MA
ME501 Grange Corner Farm ME
ME502 Hop Yard LLC, The ME
ME503 Alna Hopyard and Farm ME
MI501 MI Local Hops MI
MI502 Hop Head Farms LLC MI
MI505 Van Timmerman Hop Farm, LLC MI
MI506 Top Hops Farm MI
MI507 Hopyards of Kent County MI
MI508 Whitney Farm MI
MI509 Fractured Acre Farms MI
MI510 Miller’s Lakeside Hops MI
MI511 Blue Lake Hops MI
MI512 Flatwater Farms LLC MI
MI513 Carr Creek Hops LLC MI
MI514 Two Track Farms, LLC MI
MI515 Prairie Ronde Hops MI
MI516 Pure Kitten Hops MI
MI517 The Osburn Family Farm MI
MI518 Mr Wizard’s Hop Farm LLC MI
MI519 Always’s Shady Lane Farm MI
MI520 Egypt Valley Hopyards, LLC MI
MI521 High Five Hops Farm LLC MI
MI522 Red Hop Plantings MI
MI523 Northern Michigan HOPS LLC MI
MI524 Elk River Hops MI
MI525 Thornwood Farms LLC MI
MI526 Chippewa Creek Farm MI
MI527 Northern Spring Acres MI
MI528 Major Produce MI
MI529 Hop-py Hour Farms LLC MI
MI530 Mike Newberry Farm MI
MI531 43 Degrees Hops Farms MI
MI532 Paw Paw Hops MI
MI533 Gold Coast Hops MI
MI534 Bruggema Bier Company MI
MI535 Yankee Springs Hop Company LLC MI
MI536 Whybrew Family Farms MI
MI537 Spring Valley Hops MI
MI538 Revery Hops MI
MI539 Newaygo County Hops LLC MI
MI540 Gragg Centennial Farm MI
MI541 Charisma House Farms MI
MN501 Mighty Axe Hops MN
MN502 RF Doering Farms LLC MN
MN503 Country Bitters Hop Farm MN
MN504 Metropolitan Hops MN
MI555 Michigan Hop Alliance MI
MT501 Glacier Hops Ranch MT
MT502 Crooked Yard Hops MT
MT503 Mad Hops MT
NC501 Farm Boy Hops NC
NE501 Nebraska Hop Yards NE
NE502 Brunsing Farms NE
NE503 Steele Head Hops NE
NE504 Schwedhelm Hop Yard NE
NE505 R Hops NE
NE506 Pebble Creek Hop Yard NE
NE507 Bauman Hop Farm NE
NH501 Fitzgerald Farm NH
NM501 Red Hat Hops LLC NM
NM502 Crossed Sabres Hop Co. NM
NY502 Foothill Hops NY
NY504 Crooked Creek Hops Farm NY
NY505 The Bineyard NY
NY506 Hanging Chicken Hollow NY
NY507 Rhinebeck Hops NY
NY508 Ledyard Farms NY
NY509 Pedersen Farms, Inc. NY
NY510 East Prairie Hop Company NY
NY511 Kindred Country Hops NY
NY512 Muck Lands Farm NY
NY518 Alta Vista Farm Hops NY
OH501 Cass Place Hops OH
OH502 Ohio Valley Hops LLC OH
OH503 Second Sons Hopyards OH
OH504 Ohio Hops OH
OH505 Old Dutch Hops, LTD OH
OH506 Valley View Hops OH
OH507 Neptune Hops OH
OH508 HopALong Farm OH
OH509 Local Bine Brewing Farm, LLP OH
OH510 OSHY Hops OH
OH511 Hops N Herefords OH
OH512 Levanna Heights Hops OH
OH513 Rustling Bines Hop Farm OH
OH514 Hidden Lake Farm of Mt Vernon LLC OH
OH516 Gifts From Our Garden LLC OH
OH517 For The Love Of Hops OH
OH518 Full Circle Hops Farm Inc OH
OH519 Barn Talk Hops OH
OH520 Knucklehead Hop Farm OH
OK501 Canadian River Hops OK
OR201 Fobert Farms OR
OR202 Annen Bros Inc OR
OR204 Capitol Farms Inc OR
OR205 Coleman Farms Inc OR
OR206 Echoridge Farm Inc OR
OR207 Coleman Ranches OR
OR208 H & E Farms Inc OR
OR209 Lone Oak Hop Farm LLC OR
OR210 F & B Farms & Nursery LLC OR
OR212 Heritage Hops Inc OR
OR213 Geschwill Bros OR
OR214 Goschie Farms Inc OR
OR215 McKay Farms Inc OR
OR216 Mark McKay Farms Inc OR
OR217 Greenleaf Hop Farms Inc OR
OR219 Horseshoe Lake Farms OR
OR220 B Crosby Inc OR
OR223 Willamette Valley Hop Farms Inc OR
OR224 Leavy Farm Inc OR
OR228 Rogue Farms OR
OR229 Pearmine Farms Inc OR
OR232 Stauffer Bros LLC OR
OR235 Stauffer Farms Inc OR
OR236 Arrowhead Farms Inc OR
OR237 Westwood Farms Inc OR
OR239 Wilmes, Wilfried Farms OR
OR240 Coleman Corrals OR
OR241 Valley Hop Farm OR
OR243 Fairfield Farms Inc OR
OR244 Champoeg Farms Inc OR
OR247 Sodbuster Farms Inc OR
OR250 ColemanAg OR
OR253 KW Crosby Hops Inc OR
OR255 Riverbrook Farms Inc OR
OR257 Abiqua Hop Farms OR
OR260 B C Hop Farms LTD OR
OR261 Willamette Valley Hops LLC OR
OR265 B & D Farms Inc OR
OR267 HopSmith Ranches OR
OR270 4 B Farms Inc OR
OR275 Willamette Mission Farm Inc OR
OR276 Weston Bend Farms OR
OR277 3D Farms OR
OR288 Todd Koch OR
OR291 Scenic Valley Farms LLC OR
OR292 Bishop Farms & Agri Development LLC OR
PA501 Sunny Brae Hops PA
PA502 Wagner Family Farms PA
PA503 Tilted Barn PA
SD501 6th Meridian Hops SD
SD502 A&A Hops and Hotrods SD
TX501 Grief Enterprises TX
VA501 Fox Run Farms VA
VA502 Virginia Tech Research Hop Yard VA
VA503 One Red Maple Hop Yard VA
WA301 Lightning Ag WA
WA302 Wenas Hop Company LLC WA
WA303 Wenas Hop Farm LLC WA
WA308 Brulotte Farms WA
WA309 Brulotte, Reggie WA
WA311 Topp Hop Ranch LLC WA
WA312 Brulotte, Ronald WA
WA313 Brulotte Farms Inc WA
WA315 Columbia Bines LLC WA
WA319 Loza Farms Inc WA
WA321 Carpenter Farms Inc WA
WA323 Champoux Farms Inc WA
WA324 Charron Co Inc WA
WA325 CSC Vineyard WA
WA326 Roza Farms WA
WA330 Crown-D Ranch WA
WA332 Willow Springs Hops LLC WA
WA337 Congdon Orchards Inc WA
WA339 Marc Desmarais WA
WA340 Marc Desmarais Farms Inc WA
WA341 Pat Favilla WA
WA342 Cornerstone Ranches LLC WA
WA343 Desserault Ranches Inc WA
WA346 Double R Hop Ranches Inc WA
WA347 Bioquest Inc WA
WA348 Harrah Farms LLC WA
WA349 Green Acre Farms Inc WA
WA353 B & T Gamache Farms Inc WA
WA354 Jeff Gamache Farms Inc WA
WA355 Black Star Ranch LLC WA
WA358 Virgil Gamache Farms Inc WA
WA360 Leo Gasseling & Sons Inc WA
WA361 Gasseling Ranches Inc WA
WA363 Green Acre Farms Inc WA
WA365 Jacobs Farms LLC WA
WA369 Char-Hous Farms Inc WA
WA370 HRP Enterprises WA
WA375 Green Acre Farms Inc WA
WA378 Lensiegne Farms Inc WA
WA381 B T Loftus Ranches Inc WA
WA383 Morrier Ranch Inc WA
WA387 Irving Newhouse & Sons Inc WA
WA390 B T Loftus Ranches Inc WA
WA391 Parrish, Stuart WA
WA392 Olsen Brothers Ranch Inc WA
WA395 HopsDirect LLC WA
WA397 Perrault Farms Inc WA
WA398 LGD Hops WA
WA399 Puterbaugh Farms WA
WA400 Virgil Gamache Farms Inc WA
WA402 Leslie A Roy WA
WA403 Gasseling Ranches Inc WA
WA404 Roy, Michael WA
WA405 CLS Farms LLC WA
WA406 Roy, Lester WA
WA407 Roy Farms Inc WA
WA409 RD Ranch LLC WA
WA410 Toppenish Land LLC WA
WA411 Van Horn Farms Inc WA
WA412 Moxee Land LCC WA
WA414 Warrior Ranches LLC WA
WA415 Sauve & Sons Farms Inc WA
WA416 RG Ranch LLC WA
WA417 Segal Ranch LLC WA
WA418 R&L Investments LLC WA
WA420 Shinn & Son Inc WA
WA421 Rafter S Ranches LLC WA
WA425 John I Haas Inc-HopUnion WA
WA429 Fromm Mayer-Bass LLC WA
WA431 Hops Extract Corp of America Inc WA
WA432 Wyckoff Farms Inc WA
WA434 Horst Company LLC WA
WA435 Golden Gate Hope Ranches Inc WA
WA436 John I Haas Inc WA
WA437 Landmann & Son Inc WA
WA438 Favilla Brothers Inc WA
WA440 Come on Get Hoppy WA
WA441 S S Steiner Inc WA
WA443 John I Haas Inc-Mabton (Lupo) WA
WA444 Adams View Farms WA
WA445 Oasis Farms Inc WA
WA450 Martinez Ranch Partnership WA
WA452 Charron Farms Inc WA
WA455 C & C Hop Farms Inc WA
WA457 B T Loftus Ranches Inc WA
WA460 John I Haas-Toppenish WA
WA461 John I Haas-Mabton Farm WA
WA462 John I Haas-Wada Farm WA
WA463 John I Haas-Pettit Farm WA
WA465 Walla Walla Hops LLC WA
WA470 Walla Walla Vineyard Mgmt LLC WA
WA475 Yaima Chief Ranches LLC WA
WA477 B T Loftus Ranches Inc WA
WA478 Tributary Hop Farms LLC WA
WI501 Gorst Valley Hops LLC WI
WI502 Bohica Hops LLC WI
WI503 St Croix Valley Hops/Deer Lake Gardens WI
WI504 2745 Hops LLC WI
WI505 Arendt’s Hop Haven WI
WI506 Leif Company LLC WI
WI507 FullyShire LLC WI
WI508 Jenny Wren WI
WI509 Railhead Farms LLC WI
WI510 Legacy Bogs LLC WI
WY501 NWC Farm WY

Hop Variety Codes

Hop Variety Variety Code
AhtanumTM, YCR 1 AHT
Alpharoma AA
VGXP01 Amarillo® VG1
ApolloTM APO
Aquila AQU
AzaccaTM, ADHA-483 AZA
Banner BAN
Belma BEL
Bitter Gold BIG
Brewers Gold BG
Bullion BU
CalypsoTM CPO
Cascade CAS
Cashmere CMR
Centennial CEN
Chelan CHE
Chinook CHI
Citra®,HBC 394 CIT
Cluster CLU
Columbia CBA
Columbus CBS
Comet COM
Crystal CRY
DenaliTM DEN
EkuanotTM, HBC 366 EKU
El Dorado® ELD
Eroica ERO
Eureka!TM EU!
Experimental EXP
Fuggle FU
Galena GAL
Glacier GLC
Golding GO
Hallertauer HA
Horizon HOR
Idaho7TM ID7
JarryloTM, ADHA-881 JAR
LemondropTM LDP
Liberty LIB
LoralTM, HBC 291 LOR
Magnum MAG
Meridian MER
Millennium MLM
Mosaic®, HBC 369 MOS
Mt. Hood MTH
Mt. Rainier MTR
Newport NWP
Northern Brewer NB
Nugget NUG
Olympic OLC
Other OTH
Palisade®, YCR 4 PAL
PekkoTM, ADHA-871 PEK
Perle PE
Saaz SA
Santiam SNT
Satus®, YCR 7 SAT
Serebrianka SEK
Simcoe®, YCR 14 SIM
Sorachi Ace SOR
Spalter SP
Sterling STR
Strissel Spalt SSP
SummitTM SUM
Super GalenaTM SGA
Tahoma TAH
Talisman TLN
Teamaker TMK
Tettnanger TE
Tillicum TIL
Tomahawk®, F10 TOM
Topaz TO
TriplePearl TRP
Triumph TRI
Ultra ULT
Vanguard VAN
Warrior®, YCR 5 WAR
Willamette WIL
Yakima Gold YKG
Zeus ZEU

The BA continues to develop resource lists of hop growers and hop varieties. Brewery members, hop growers and hop merchants who know hop grower numbers or hop variety letters not listed here are invited to provide them so they can be added to this list. Please send those to chris@brewersassociation.org.

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