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The Brewers Association (BA) staff is excited to announce its upcoming annual sensory event, Hopsource, is taking place in Yakima, Washington September 26-28 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Yakima Valley Hops. During this event, brewers and industry professionals visiting Yakima for hop selection will have a chance to assess up to 30 hop varieties. The BA encourages visitors to participate in multiple sessions, as the varieties sampled will change every day and every morning and afternoon. These varieties are currently under consideration for advancement in the esteemed United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Public Hop Breeding Program, a program financially supported by the BA.

The selection of hops available for assessment this year represents the culmination of diligent work by USDA hop breeders Dr. Kayla Altendorf and Dr. John Henning. They have identified the most promising hop lines, which will be on display for evaluation.

Brewers Supporting Public Hops

The primary objective of the Hopsource event is to gauge the interest of brewers in experimental public hop varieties. This is achieved by leveraging the collective olfactory capabilities of numerous individuals to identify brewer-preferred hop varieties. This endeavor is a crucial component of a broader, ongoing initiative to revitalize public hop research. By bridging the gap that has often existed between brewers and researchers, the ultimate aim is to enrich public hop breeding research and eventually introduce captivating varieties that resonate with brewers. Check out last year’s Hopsource recap for a more detailed look at this program.

In line with our commitment to safety and well-being, health measures will be in effect to ensure the prevention of illness spread. To facilitate individual assessment, samples will be prepared and presented in single-use packaging.

Join us at Hopsource as we unite the worlds of brewing and public hop breeding, working together to shape the future landscape of hop varieties. All noses are invaluable to this journey of exploration and innovation.

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