Tell Your Retail Partners: Independence Pays

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The Brewers Association has launched a new suite of materials to help retailers activate the independent craft brewer seal in their businesses and differentiate authentic independent craft beer from Big Beer acquired brands. Making the seal more visible where beer lovers go to buy beer—both on and off premise—is good for beer lovers, good for craft brewers, and good for retailers.

Beer drinkers care about independent craft beer and the independent craft brewer seal that tells them when they’ve found it. In fact, Brewers Association research shows that more than 90 percent of consumers are interested in the seal and what it stands for.

From better beer bars and restaurants to liquor and grocery stores, retailers interested in promoting independent craft beer can now visit a new retailer- and seal-centric microsite at Here retailers can download point-of-sale materials that will differentiate and support small, innovative businesses like yours.

New Fact Sheets

The BA has also launched new fact sheets—on premise and off premise specific—talking to retailers about why independence pays. We encourage craft brewers to download and share these fact sheets with your retailer partners.

There’s money on the table. Let’s help retailers grab these dollars by encouraging them to display the independent craft brewer seal in their businesses.

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