Quality Priority Pyramid Helps Brewers Implement Quality Programs

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The Brewers Association (BA) quality subcommittee produced the Quality Priority Pyramid to be a visual reference for craft brewers as they implement their unique quality programs. The pyramid is now available for download in the Best Practices section of BrewersAssociation.org.

Jason Perkins, Allagash Brewing Company’s brewmaster and BA quality subcommittee chair, introduced the Quality Priority Pyramid in the March/April 2015 issue of The New Brewer. There, he outlined the importance of quality programs to ensure the production of quality beer. “Process techniques will vary from brewery to brewery, but they all have legally required standards to follow. Brewers must understand potential threats to quality and have procedures in place to control and prevent them.”

The subcommittee members believe it is important for brewers to prioritize the implementation of the six layers of the Quality Priority Pyramid to ensure effective execution. This process requires a commitment of time, energy and resources, so it is important to have a proactive strategy.

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