“Protect Craft” Pavilion at GABF to Showcase State Brewers Guilds

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For the twelfth year, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) will be hosting a state brewers guilds “Protect Craft” pavilion. This interactive space in the festival hall presents a multi-faceted educational experience to the over 60,000 beer enthusiasts attending the festival at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver on October 3-5, 2019.

The Brewers Association (BA) provides space for guilds at GABF as part of our commitment to support state craft brewers guilds. Organized, active state guilds are a vital means of protecting and promoting independent breweries at the state and national level. The twenty participating guilds will showcase brewer member beers while also promoting the state’s beer culture, guild events, and advocacy goals.

State brewers guilds are one of the most important voices in protecting and promoting a state’s or region’s independently-owned, American craft breweries! Enjoy craft beers from participating guilds as they showcase 176 unique beers not available anywhere else in the hall, from 164 breweries across the country.

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Learn about different states’ beer cultures, member breweries, and the guilds’ initiatives, while enjoying fresh local beers. See the full list of beers here!

2019 Protect Craft Pavilion Participating Guilds

  1. Arizona Craft Brewers Guild
  2. Colorado Brewers Guild
  3. DC Brewers Guild
  4. Florida Brewers Guild
  5. Georgia Craft Brewers Guild
  6. Illinois Craft Brewers Guild
  7. Iowa Brewers Guild
  8. Brewers Association of Maryland
  9. Michigan Brewers Guild
  10. Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild
  11. Montana Brewers Association
  12. Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild
  13. New Mexico Brewers Guild
  14. New York State Brewers Association
  15. North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild
  16. Ohio Craft Brewers Association
  17. Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma
  18. Oregon Brewers Guild
  19. Texas Craft Brewers Guild
  20. Wisconsin Brewers Guild

This year, we’re giving away GABF Sunglasses when attendees participate in the pavilion fun! First, pick up a guild passport and get it stamped at eight state guild booths. Then, sign up as a Support Your Local Brewery (SYLB) activist, joining the national, grassroots partnership of beer enthusiasts dedicated to supporting and protecting the interests of small, independent brewers. Finally, rock out your sunglasses all day and all night.

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