Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Three-Part Webinar Series

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Recent conversations around sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the craft brewing community continue to underscore the fact that to build a flourishing and inclusive brewing community, breweries, distributors, retailers, event organizers, and all businesses within the industry must be safe places that encourage respect, empowerment, and freedom from harassment or discrimination of any kind.

As a next step towards this shared vision, the Brewers Association will host a three-part sexual harassment prevention webinar series for Brewers Association members and their employees. The seminars will be led by Nikki Larchar, co-founder of Define the Line.

Webinar attendees will learn what sexual harassment is and how it shows up in the craft brewing industry. With help from Define the Line, business leaders and community members will explore how to build harassment-free workplaces, what it means to go from bystander to ally, and the best practices and procedures to have in place to prevent harassment. Participants will craft an action plan and learn how to handle a complaint and what an investigation process looks like.

Founded in 2017, Define the Line has partnered with organizations to eliminate workplace sexual harassment through interactive training sessions and conversations about what it means to speak up, define your line, and create positive change.

Part 1 — Preventing Sexual Harassment: The Basics

During our first of three webinar sessions, we’ll explore what sexual harassment is and how it shows up in the craft brewing industry. Together we’ll explore how you can start building harassment-free workplaces, what it means to go from bystander to ally, and best practices to have in place to make sure everyone understands their role in preventing harassment. To encourage engagement and learning, each session utilizes participant interaction and stories of actual scenarios experienced in the workplace.

Part 2 — Preventing Sexual Harassment: It Starts with a Conversation

In our second webinar session, we’ll explore how preventing sexual harassment starts with having a conversation about what it means to be an ally in the workplace. During this session, we’ll dive into what “counts” as sexual harassment, examples of how it can show up, and most importantly what we can do and say when we experience or witness harassing behavior. The discussion topics and information that you learn during this session can easily be applied to your team. Consider this your mini train-the-trainer session.

Part 3 — Preventing Sexual Harassment: Becoming an Industry Leader

During our final session together you’ll craft an action plan for you and your team to begin implementing today. From creating a communication plan, to what to do when someone files a complaint, to how to implement effective training, you’ll have all the resources you need to start creating positive change in your workplace.

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