Just Published: 2023 Salary and Benefits Benchmarking Reports

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The Brewers Association (BA) has recently posted updated human resources (HR) benchmarking data, including data on both benefits and salary statistics. This new data not only updates, but significantly expands previous benchmarking efforts. Many thanks to the Craft Beer HR Group for their assistance in this effort.

The two reports are compilations of members who responded to our surveys related to benefits and salary. Thanks to those members who filled it out. As with many areas of the BA, this is one area where we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without member participation. If you didn’t participate but find the data valuable, I hope you’ll consider participating in future years.

Although there are numerous sources of wage or benefits data available, the ability to survey solely small breweries makes this data unique, and hopefully uniquely valuable. While we cannot assure that those breweries who responded are representative, where possible we have segmented the results by size of brewery to better help you situate your company within these benchmarking results.

In addition, to help with localization, we have provided additional cost of living data (by state) in the salary report, as well as a more comprehensive set of wage and geography data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which members can download. Both of those resources are designed to help members as they consider how to localize the results from our national benchmarking.

If you have any questions of feedback about these reports, feel free to reach out to BA chief economist Bart Watson and BA human resources partner Holly Haslam.