Call for 2022 Sustainability Benchmarking Data and Tool Updates

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For all those who are utilizing the Brewers Association’s (BA) Sustainability Benchmarking Tool, this is a last call to submit your 2022 calendar year data by July 31, 2023.

All benchmarking data will be anonymized and aggregated with the hundreds of other craft brewers tracking their monthly resource and cost usage in order to update the newest iteration of the benchmarking tool. From this data, we will create new metrics and insights to share with all brewers.

To submit your data, please attach a copy of your completed Excel file to an email addressed to Please ensure that your Excel file is attached and that your data is entered for all months for the key performance indicators (KPIs) you have selected to track. Missing months will invalidate those particular KPIs with incomplete data.

Tracking resource use is the first step in reducing resource use. Used together, the Benchmarking Tool and the Sustainability Manuals help brewers decrease their use of natural resources and increase brewery profitability.

Access the 2023 Benchmarking Tool

The updated 2023 versions of the tool can be found here: Download the Sustainability Benchmarking Tool.

New users can choose from a basic version, which tracks 14 KPIs, or an advanced version, which allows tracking of up to 39 KPIs.

Any questions should be directed to