New Resource on Draught Beer To-Go Cans

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Many brewery and retail establishments that sell draught beer are increasingly utilizing to-go packages to give beer drinkers different purchasing options. As an evolution of glass growlers, draught beer cans have recently gained in popularity, most notably Crowler® cans. Draught beer cans have specific safety and quality implications. To provide best practice guidance on handling and filling these types of containers, the Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee recently published a Brewers Association one-pager on the Facts About Draught Beer To-Go Cans.

Unlike glass growlers, draught beer cans are made of aluminum and require specialized seaming equipment and hygienic practices. Important safety considerations when purging containers with CO2 are discussed. Other topics covered include filling practices and recommendations on draught system cleaning to ensure fresh, flavorful beer.

Facts About Draught Beer To-Go Cans joins a series of concise, easy-to-read documents used to communicate critical information about draught beer quality to retailers, wholesalers, and line cleaning service providers. These fact sheets can be downloaded from the Draught Beer Resource Hub free of charge and printed or reproduced as needed.