New Engineering White Paper on Process Piping

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The Brewers Association Engineering Subcommittee has released a new educational publication geared at providing best practices and examples for sanitary design of brewery liquid transfer systems. The Process Hoses and Piping White Paper is an extensive guide for brewers looking to evaluate existing or build new stainless steel piping systems. The authors recognize that each brewery has specific needs and systems for transferring wort and beer. A thoughtful approach was taken to guide brewers of any size towards the best practice design that suits their individual needs. 

Areas covered include long term piping solutions, how to manage industrial hosing, design dos and don’ts, and a glossary of fittings. In addition to providing a rich blueprint for sanitary design, this resource includes numerous and valuable photo examples, from storage solutions to welds, connections, and pipe fittings. 

The Engineering Subcommittee helps to facilitate and communicate industry standards and guidance in design, construction, and brewery operations. The subcommittee has put together a growing number of white papers outlining systems and equipment best practices including Quality Lab DesignYeast Handling, and Beer Clarification

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