New ASBC and BA Methods of Analysis Training Videos Now Available

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The American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and Brewers Association (BA) have collaborated to produce two additional videos that demonstrate fundamental methods related to brewing quality beer. Each video focuses on a distinct method and walks the viewer through effective execution in a real brewery environment.

The two new videos demonstrate:

  • ASBC Sensory Analysis-14: Hot Steep Malt Sensory Evaluation Method – A rapid and standardized wort preparation method for the sensory evaluation of extractable malt flavor
  • Beer 9: pH (Hydrogen Ion Concentration) – Details how to measure and report the pH of beer to the nearest 0.1

The series of videos outlines methods that are essential for ensuring consistent production of high-quality beer. The ASBC and BA have prioritized techniques that require only the most essential laboratory tools that every brewery should own. The videos also serve as an introduction to the renowned ASBC Methods of Analysis. This invaluable resource provides industry professionals the guidance necessary to evaluate everything from barley and hops to wort and beer, as well as filtering aids, packaging materials, and sensory analysis methods.

The Brewers Association encourages membership in the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC), which gives industry professionals access to the Methods of Analysis and many other quality-related resources. The ASBC has teamed up with the Brewers Association to offer an exclusive membership offer to select craft brewers. BA voting member breweries that have never been a member of the ASBC can qualify for a discounted membership to.

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