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The Brewers Association (BA) is excited to announce the Engineering Subcommittee has been rebranded as the Maintenance and Engineering Subcommittee, which is a refocusing of one of the Technical Committee’s six subcommittees. This decision reflects a strategic effort to align the subcommittee’s name more accurately with its core functions and contributions. The revised title better encapsulates the wide array of responsibilities that fall under its charge and underscores its pivotal role in fostering technical excellence within the craft brewing community. The chair of the committee, Eric Ritchson, said, “This is a small but exciting change that refocuses the efforts of the Maintenance and Engineering Subcommittee, and we are hopeful that by broadening the audience of potential subcommittee members we can add even more bright minds to the team.”

New Mission Statement

A revision of the subcommittee’s mission was also part of their rebranding exercise. The new mission of the Maintenance and Engineering Subcommittee is to develop and enhance the craft brewing community’s preparedness related to equipment and other technical aspects of building and maintaining a brewery. This mission underscores their commitment to providing resources, knowledge, and support for maintaining the highest standards of equipment quality and functionality in brewing facilities across the nation.

The BA would like to recognize the invaluable contributions made by the serving subcommittee members. Their dedication and expertise have paved the way for this transformation, and we are immensely grateful for their continued involvement.

Call for New Members

In line with this rebranding, the Maintenance and Engineering Subcommittee is looking to welcome new members who share in the passion for maintaining the integrity and excellence of craft brewing equipment. If you are enthusiastic about contributing your insights, skills, and energy to the Maintenance and Engineering Subcommittee, we invite you to join the ranks. Please submit your interest through our Committee Interest Form.

We firmly believe that this strategic change will empower members to serve the brewing community even better and create a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration that advances our craft.

Cheers to innovation, maintenance, and engineering!

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