Chris Bogdanoff Joins BA Safety Subcommittee

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The Brewers Association is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Bogdanoff of Anaheim Brewery to the Safety Subcommittee. Chris Bogdanoff is a diploma brewer from American Brewers Guild and certified draft technician from MicroMatic. He has been brewing for 9 years including 6 years at two different microbreweries and lots of home-brewing. In addition to his passion for brewing, he has a college background in human resources that gives him a nose for compliance and the motivation for training and development.

“In my 6 years working for microbreweries I have seen and experienced some very unsafe practices which has given me a sense of duty to help make breweries safer.” Chris added, “I hope to work toward educating brewers and perpetuating a culture of safety in the brewing industry for brewers of all sizes.”

The Safety Subcommittee has produced several resources, including on-line safety video training and best management guidance available in the Best Practices section of The Safety Subcommittee examines and advises members on issues of brewery safety, protocol and compliance. It’s members include: Ken Anderson, Ryan Blevins, Chris Bogdanoff, David Currier, Reva Golden (Co-Chair), Dana Johnson, Bill Lenczuk, Tony McCrimmon, Mike Owens, Corey Parker, Matt Stinchfield (Co-Chair), Kevin Walter and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Bob Pease, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck and Chris Swersey.

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