Brewery Safety First – Hazard Assessment Principles

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The Brewers Association recently published Hazard Assessment Principles, a guideline for best management practices when developing and improving brewery safety programs, standard operating procedures and worker safety compliance in the brewery.

Hazard assessment is the basic formula for achieving safe working conditions in any workplace. A hazard assessment is the tool that enables brewers to recognize hazards so that they can be eliminated, reduced or controlled. Hazards that could exist with any type or activity are identified and analyzed then actions that eliminate or control the hazards are put in place. Hazard Assessment Principles leads the reader through the process of executing a hazard analysis and developing standard operating procedures that have a focus on safety.

Hazard Examples and Methodologies

Hazard Assessment Principles also provides different categories of hazards, examples of those hazards as well as information on ways to control or eliminate hazards. The resource also contains detailed methodology on ranking and prioritizing hazards based on likelihood, severity and detectability. A step by step example of hazard assessment is provided along with customizable templates for both hazard assessment and development of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

This resource provides breweries, even those with limited safety experience, with conceptual tools and sample forms and checklists that allow a brewer a starting pathway on a continuous journey in pursuit of workplace safety and worker well-being.