Brewers Association Welcomes Second Draught Line Safety Course Instructor

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The Brewers Association (BA) Draught Line Safety Course, funded by the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, is the first online safety training for brewing industry professionals working closely to or performing draught beer line cleaning operations. The two-week course guides learners through the basic principles of draught beer line cleaning through the lens of doing the job safely. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to engage with their instructor and peers in a virtual “homeroom,” as well as two one-hour classroom sessions held via video conferencing.

The program has grown to accommodate a second instructor, Matt Meadows, Director of Field Quality at New Belgium Brewing Company. Joining Lead Instructor Matt Stinchfield, Meadows will assist with the facilitated training portion and provide in-depth knowledge and experience on draught beer line cleaning operations. In addition to bringing 20-years of industry experience, Meadows has previously served on the BA Technical Committee, as Draught Beer Quality Ambassador, and is co-author of the Draught Beer Quality Manual and Draught Beer Quality for Retailers.

“Ensuring the safety of staff and customers is paramount for anyone designing and maintaining a draught beer system. The Brewers Association’s Draught Line Safety Course is a thorough and well-designed course that is an excellent resource for all industry professionals. I look forward to assisting Matt Stinchfield and the Brewers Association to promote safe and effective handling of draught beer.”

Matt Meadows, BA Draught Line Safety Course Instructor

Scheduled courses will continue to be offered throughout the rest of 2021 and will remain free to all students under the BA’s funding agreement with the Department of Labor. Courses have limited seats available, but are actively accommodating waitlisted students. To see more information about the course or sign-up to be on a waitlist, visit the registration page.

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