Brewers Association Safety Subcommittee Welcomes Tiffany Davidson

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The Brewers Association welcomes Tiffany Davidson, Regulatory and Safety Manager at Old Nation Brewing Company in Williamston, Michigan, as a new member of the Safety Subcommittee. As part of this volunteer industry group, Tiffany will contribute to the growing body of resources aimed at helping craft brewers operate their businesses with safety in mind. She is excited to bring her wealth of experience and knowledge in the safety field, having worked in the fields of health, safety, and regulatory compliance since 2014. 

We are so thrilled to have Tiffany’s enthusiasm and experience on our team. The Safety Subcommittee is filled with people passionate about brewery safety, and Tiffany is no exception.

Rachel Bell, BA Safety Subcommittee Co-Chair

“I’ve been in the craft brewing industry since 2018, but my background is actually in safety and higher education,” says Mrs. Davidson. “I’m excited to bring my own perspective to the team and help make a culture of safety more accessible and inclusive for all brewers.” Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Science in Comparative Religion and Women’s Studies, a Master of Arts in History and a Certificate in Fermentation Science, all from Central Michigan University. Outside of her professional responsibilities, she enjoys being a cat mom, a lifelong martial artist, and the proud wife of her college sweetheart, Sarah.

The Safety Subcommittee is focused on increasing brewery safety awareness, minimizing risk, and preventing harm to people, products, and facilities. Subcommittee resources include Best Management Practices and free online Brewery Safety Training