Brewers Association Releases Online Safety Best Practices

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The Brewers Association (BA) safety subcommittee has announced the publication of three new resources in the Best Practices section of including Best Management Practice for the Selection of Protective Clothing for Brewery Workers, Best Management Practice for the Management of Confined Space in Breweries and the Safety Exchange—a collection of answers to common questions addressing safety issues in breweries.

“Everyone who works in a craft brewery has pride in what they do. They should come home every day enriched from their work, not injured,” said Matt Stinchfield, BA safety ambassador and safety subcommittee chair. “The Brewers Association safety subcommittee is working to reinforce that message.

“The work we do on the safety subcommittee is aimed to help brewers achieve safety successes,” said safety subcommittee member Reva Golden. “These best practices documents are designed to help make sense out of safety culture and compliance. It is our hope that these documents can act as tools to help breweries develop their own safety programs and practices and eliminate that fearful thought of ‘am I doing this right?’”

The Brewers Association safety subcommittee members remain alert to industry safety trends and want to know the concerns of member brewers. Please send your questions and comments to the Safety Exchange.

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