Brewers Association Releases Guidance on Utilizing Sustainability Manuals

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The Brewers Association (BA) recently released introductory guidance on how craft brewers can utilize the BA sustainability manuals and the Sustainability Benchmarking Report to improve the efficiency of their operations. Each sustainability manual provides detailed information about key utilities and waste management that affect every brewery’s impact on the environment and the associated costs that impact the bottom line. When these manuals are used in conjunction with the Sustainability Benchmarking Tools, brewers can gain deep insight into their particular processes and draw on the experiences of other craft brewers to improve their individual sustainability.

The new handouts also provide a preview of some benefits of implementing robust sustainability initiatives, and highlight some of the most common ways to increase efficiencies. Ultimately, the goal is to provide means by which a brewery can save money, while also reducing the impact on the environment. These new resources can also be printed and displayed in a brewery to emphasize cultural focus on sustainability.

Handouts have been developed for the following sustainability resources:

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