Brewers Association Publishes Second Edition of Draught Beer Quality for Retailers Manual

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In collaboration with the Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee, the Brewers Association (BA) has updated and published the second edition of the Draught Beer Quality for Retailers Manual. The new edition is available in hard copy (bulk purchase discounts are available) and as a free download. Originally published in 2014, the updated manual provides additional important information to help retailers deliver fresh, flavorful beer from a keg to their customer’s glass.

Delicious draught beer is a true delight, but the key challenge is ensuring that the beer arrives to the consumer with all the freshness and flavor the brewer intended. Draught Beer Quality for Retailers contains the basic knowledge necessary to understand how draught beer systems work and are maintained. Easy to read and presented in a clear and simple format, this publication also serves as an introduction to concepts explored in more detail in the Draught Beer Quality Manual, which takes a deeper dive into the complex nuances of serving draught beer.