Brewers Association Formalizes OSHA Alliance Ambassadorship

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The Brewers Association (BA) formalized an Alliance Program Ambassador-level relationship between the Region VIII Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Colorado On-Site Health & Safety Consultation Program, and the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA). This ambassadorship builds upon the alliance initiated in 2019 and aims to further enhance safe work practices in the craft brewing industry.

The success of the original alliance underscores the value of collaboration, prompting the continuation and strengthening of joint initiatives. These include information sharing, awareness campaigns, resource and training accessibility for addressing hazards, and conducting outreach activities. This commitment ensures ongoing support for brewery safety measures.

It’s important to note that the ambassadorship doesn’t solely benefit Colo.; its impact extends nationally, benefiting breweries across the country. The BA also has an ongoing alliance with OSHA in New York.

The BA aims to foster proactive engagement between the brewing industry and OSHA, encouraging breweries to utilize their state’s free and anonymous on-site consultation services and engage in OSHA’s National, Regional, and Area office outreach initiatives and rulemaking processes. These actions are in the pursuit of advancing workplace safety, protecting employees from injury and death, and fostering a culture of safety at the brewery.

The agreement establishing the ambassadorship was signed on April 9, 2024, and its signatories are: Jennifer Rous, OSHA Region VIII Regional Administrator; Chad Vivian, OSHA Region VIII Englewood Area Office Director; Arthur Hazen, OSHA Region VIII Denver Area Office Acting Director; William J. Brazile, Colorado On-Site Health & Safety Consultation Program Director; Greg Gress, Colorado On-Site Health & Safety Consultation Program Manager; Lauren Torres, MBAA President; and Chuck Skypeck, BA Technical Brewing Projects Director.