OSHA Safety Consultation – Are You Ready to Ask for Help?

Craft Brewers Conference 2019
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Corbet "Cory" Stengel, John Olaechea, Matt Eshelman, Matt Stinchfield, Nicole Reiman

Whether your state has its own OSHA agency or a federal OSHA office, OSHA consultation is a valuable tool to increase safety awareness and compliance at your brewery. Consultation Services are separate from the part of OSHA that can issue citations. Their services are free and the process isn’t as frightening it may seem. In this moderated panel discussion we will hear from two brewers who elected to enlist Consultation Services, as well as from an OSHA representative and an OSHA consultant. The outcomes for these breweries have been positive and educational, and have resulted in long-term safety improvements. Find out if it may be time for your brewery to face your fears and request your own OSHA Consultation.

Learning Objectives:

Learn more about OSHA's free Consultation Services from those who know; Find out the pros and cons of a consultation:; What is expected of my brewery when we ask for a consultation?; How far along should my safety program be before I request a consultation?; Does consultation protect me from citations and fines?; Is there a possible down side to consultation?

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