Brewers Association Announces Search for Quality Ambassador and Quality Instructor

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The Brewers Association (BA) is accepting resumes for two positions, the existing quality ambassador and the newly created quality instructor.

The quality ambassador position will become available at the end of 2016 as current Ambassador Dick Cantwell is embarking on new projects. The quality ambassador travels nationwide working to promote the vision of the BA quality subcommittee—to develop a membership that consistently produces beer of high quality.

“I’ve had a great time over the past year and a half bringing the quality message to state brewers’ guilds all over the country, meeting new craft brewers and re-connecting with old friends,” said Cantwell.  “The response to my message has been solid, and I feel gratified to have been heard, that quality is of paramount importance to all of us as our movement matures and continues to move forward.” Cantwell is exploring the possibility of establishing a one-of-a-kind brewing and blending operation in California.

“It was great to have Dick available to deliver the BA message of the importance of addressing quality issues in the brewery,” said Chuck Skypeck, BA technical brewing projects manager. “Even more important was the prestige and credence Dick brought to the position of the quality ambassador. The BA extends their thanks to Dick and wishes him well in his new endeavors.”

To complement the quality ambassador message, a second position is being created—the quality instructor. This individual will be charged with developing curriculum and teaching two quality seminars in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2017 which address basic quality measurements, methods and techniques.

More information on both positions can be found here.

“It’s time for the message to be put in other hands, especially as the BA’s quality program evolves to include more hands-on help and technical assistance with the quality instructor,” Cantwell concluded. “It’s exciting to envision a combination of evangelism and practical help for craft brewers finding their way toward comprehensive quality oversight in the interest of protecting the collective brand that is craft brewing.”