Announcing the Release of the Fourth Edition Draught Beer Quality Manual

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In the continuing effort to improve the quality of draught beer served at retail, Brewers Publications, along with the Brewers Association (BA) Technical Committee and the Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee have released the fourth edition of the Draught Beer Quality Manual.

The Draught Beer Quality Manual continues to evolve through the collaborative efforts of the brewing community. The fourth edition of the manual is published by Brewers Publications, the professional publishing arm of the Brewers Association. New features in the fourth edition include additional photos, charts and other graphics, and updated line cleaning recommendations that reflect current best practices.

The Draught Beer Quality Manual, along with additional resources on, provide draught system installers, draught line cleaners, beer wholesalers and retailers, and brewers with detailed information addressing draught line cleaning, system components and design, dispense pressure and gas balance, proper pouring technique, glassware sanitation, and other pertinent issues. Proper utilization of these resources ensures that draught beer arrives in the consumer’s glass with all the freshness and flavor that the brewer intended.

The BA Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee enjoys active support and participation by representatives of brewers small and large, as well as many other industry partners. Improving draught quality in the market place requires dedicated effort from the brewer, the wholesaler, the retailers, draught component manufacturers, draught line installers, and draught line cleaners.

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