BA Announces Beer Server Training Manual Instructor

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The Brewers Association (BA) is pleased to announce that Tim Brady of Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery has been appointed as the first Beer Server Training Manual instructor. Brady will work with BA staff to create a training program based on techniques from the Brewpubs committee’s Beer Server Training Manual, with a goal of highlighting the free resource and the importance of staff training. He is scheduled for two visits in 2017, traveling to the Montana Brewers Association Fall Conference in September and the California Craft Brewers Association Fall Members Conference in November.

Brady has been passionate about craft beer since his first homebrewing experience 25 years ago. His front line experience in hospitality includes owner and operator of an inn, craft beer bar, campground, and entertainment complex as well as the brewery, restaurant, and biergarten at Whetstone Station in Brattleboro, Vt.

Beer-Server-Training-For-BrewpubsBrady shares his passion for beer, technology, and marketing as an active member of the Brewpubs Committee, a strategist with a Vermont marketing firm, and an instructor for the UVM Business of Craft Beer program. He also spends several months each year traveling the country in his Airstream, visiting breweries and pubs.

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At the center of all of his businesses, Brady believes that the key to success is great service; that great service comes from great staff; and that great staff comes from great training. He looks forward to sharing his philosophies and furthering the importance of staff training