Beer Server Training for Brewpubs

This training guide and reference manual, created by the Brewpubs Committee, is intended to be used over and over.

It’s a resource that shows brewpub owners, managers and trainers how to pass along content, training and concepts to staff. The approaches suggested in the manual are based upon successful programs and the experience of those providing input for the creation of the manual.

When looking through the manual for the first time, note that there are sections dedicated to the reasons training beer service staff is so important, as well as the concepts behind a successful training program. Both will be useful for all pubs, from those building a program from the ground up to those giving an existing program a facelift.

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Appendix A: Resources

Appendix B: Templates


Manual content was created by the Brewpub Server Training Manual Subcommittee: Larry Chase, Tom Dargen, Ginger Johnson, Cyrena Nouzille and Sebastian Wolfrum.

The collaborative author was Laura Lodge.

Beer Server Training Manual Instructor

Beer Server Training Manual Instructor

Tim Brady of Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery

Brady has been passionate about craft beer since his first homebrewing experience 25 years ago. His front line experience in hospitality includes owner and operator of an inn, craft beer bar, campground, and entertainment complex as well as the brewery, restaurant, and biergarten at Whetstone Station in Brattleboro, Vt.

Brady shares his passion for beer, technology, and marketing as an active member of the Brewpubs Committee, a strategist with a Vermont marketing firm, and an instructor for the UVM Business of Craft Beer program. He also spends several months each year traveling the country in his Airstream, visiting breweries and pubs.

2019 Schedule

Organizations Locations Dates
If you are interested in inviting our Beer Server Training Manual Instructor to speak to your state guild gathering, please contact Brewers Association State Guild Manager Acacia Coast.
Michigan Brewers Guild Annual Conference Kalamazoo, MI January 10
Brewers of Indiana Guild Indianapolis, IN March 11
Craft Brewers Conference Denver, CO April 8-10
Virginia Craft Brewers Guild Conference Richmond, VA June 3
Illinois Craft Brewers Guild Conference Chicago, IL July 16
Iowa Brewers Guild i-BEST Conference Des Moines, IA November 1-2