2014 – 2018 Sustainability Benchmarking Report Published

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This 2014-2018 Sustainability Benchmarking report provides a five-year snapshot of the data collected from participating breweries from calendar years 2014 through 2018.

The Brewers Association has published three annual reports (2015, 2016, 2017) summarizing the results of breweries that have participated in the sustainability benchmarking project. Participation involves entering monthly usage and cost data for sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs). All data is self-reported and submitted by participating breweries to the Brewers Association for aggregation and analysis.

Enabled by a Microsoft Excel-based benchmarking tool, breweries of all sizes used a managed approach and were able to show progress towards more sustainable brewing practices. Efficiency charts for water, electricity, natural gas, solid waste, and purchased CO2 by production size (bbl packaged) are presented by production volume category and provide a quick and simple way to review performance. Cost efficiencies are also reported for each metric as profitability is an important component of sustainability. These graphics are meant to stimulate awareness of peer efficiency so best practices can be shared, and the overall sector can continue to improve.

“Over the last five years, brewers have been leveraging the BA Sustainability Benchmarking tools to improve operations, reduce environmental impacts and become more efficient in the usage of natural resources. This report summarizes the progress made to date and highlights the significant cost savings realized by consistent users of the tools.”  Said John Stier, Brewers Association Sustainability Mentor.

“Benchmarking usage of key natural resources should be foundational to any brewery sustainability program, and the benchmarking tool provided by the Brewers Association makes beginning benchmarking a breeze. It’s easy to input data consistently, and the information the tool provides is extremely valuable for identifying areas in need of improvement,” says Adam Beauchamp of Creature Comforts Brewing Co. and Brewers Association Sustainability Subcommittee member.

“Time is always the scarcest commodity in a craft brewery. The BA benchmarking tool minimizes the time required to track resource intensity and provides insight to areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement. That makes it possible for brewers of all sizes to maximize returns on time committed to sustainable operations,” says Walker Modic, Environmental & Social Sustainability Manager at Bell’s Brewery and Brewers Association Sustainability Subcommittee chair.