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Label Approval Guidance

Over the last several years, as the Tax and Trade Bureau's (TTB) COLAs Online service has become established and widely used by the brewing community, the process of obtaining label certification and approval has become much less onerous and time-consuming. Happily, the best resource for all the information you need is the TTB itself. The Bureau has done an outstanding job of putting together a one-stop destination on the TTB Beer Labeling web page, where you will find resources, helpful guidance and all the forms necessary to complete the process.

TTB Labeling Requirement Resources
The following PDF files are to be utilized as a resource for brewers who have questions about the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau labeling requirements. The following series of PDF resources has been provided by Kalik and Lewin.

Beer Net Contents Download PDF
Beer Label Type Size and Legibility Download PDF
Beer Class and Type Designations Download PDF
Beer Government Warning Requirements Download PDF
Beer Mandatory Label Requirements Download PDF
Formulas Download PDF

International Import/Export Requirements

The International Trade Division compiled a guide to offer information on international import requirements for various countries for beer, wine, and distilled spirits. The requirements may include licensing, labeling, and taxation considerations. International conditions do change frequently, however, and the information provided may not always reflect the most recent changes.

The guide does not contain a complete listing of all United States' trading partners—it is simply intended to serve as a "starting point" for exporters interested in the requirements for the listed countries. Contact the International Trade Division for more information regarding the exportation of alcohol beverages to a country not included in this guide or for any other related questions.

To access a country's import and export requirements, visit TTB: International Import/Export Requirements and choose your country of interest.