We Can and So Can You: Canning Line Selection and Installation

Craft Brewers Conference 2019
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Alan Windhausen, Brock Ashburn, Perry Dickerson

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Properly packaging your beer for market is critical to quality and consumer experience, and the first step is selecting and installing the equipment! Join moderator Alan Windhausen from Pikes Peak Brewing, plus speakers Brock Ashburn from Highland Brewing and Perry Dickerson from Lefthand Brewing for a presentation and discussion covering the basics of selecting and installing a canning line. Whether this is your first time canning or you’re looking to expand your current line, find actionable information, including: Purchase Deciders and Line Selection; Budgeting; Final Location of Machine; Infrastructure Build-out; Commissioning and Installation Hurdles; Fine Tuning a Line; and the top issues, screw ups, fixes, and lessons from the panel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the factors to consider when selecting a canning line
  • Analyze the issues that may impact commissioning and installing a canning line specific to your brewery
  • Learn how to budget properly for your installation project
  • Explore research and design for location of utilities such as sewer, water, electricity, CO2, and compressed air
  • Establish a procedure to install and fine tune a line with fewer issues
  • Create a canning program with aplomb

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