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Spontaneous Fermentation in a Production Brewery

The presentation will cover the process, equipment, science, and philosophy behind making 100-percent spontaneously fermented beer in a production brewery. Highlights will include the history of spontaneous fermentation, brewing and inoculation, fermentation and blending, fruit refermentation, the use of adjunct …Read More


The Science, Art, and Mystery of Sour Beer Production

Avery Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company join together to take you through their souring processes. They combine the art and mystery with the science of souring, including TA measurements, acid profiles, and microbial populations. Read More


Sour Beers: It’s More Than Just pH

When producing sour beers, a brewer typically measures the tartness of the beer by looking at the pH. Unfortunately, pH isn’t a great indicator of what the consumer is actually tasting. In this presentation, we take a look at pH, …Read More


Understanding How to Control Flavor and Aroma Consistency in Dry Hopped Beer

Craft brewers find success in using dry hopping to create aromatic and flavorful hop-forward beers. This presentation shares results from several studies in the Shellhammer lab at Oregon State University that examined dry hopping and the factors that affect aroma …Read More


Yeast Metabolism and Fermentation By-products

Presented in association with VLB. Different types of fermentation and the use of different yeast strains influence the character and taste of beer by the production of various fermentation by-products. In this seminar, Burghard Meyer covers options for how to …Read More


Yeast: The Owner’s Manual

Unlike other brewery equipment, brewers yeast does not come with an operator’s manual. This talk will cover the essentials of yeast management, including feeding, pitching, cropping and storage of your yeast. Selecting and renewing your yeast as well as handling …Read More


Beer Turbidity: Reasons, Analytics and Avoidance Strategy

Presented in association with VLB. Colloidal stability and the avoidance of haze are key quality parameters of beer. This seminar explores possible sources of haze in the final product, how these sources can be detected and how they can be …Read More


Mixed Culture Fermentation in a Production Brewery

In this panel, brewers from various backgrounds share their experiences conducting mixed culture fermentations in a production brewery setting. Brewers will discuss mixed culture fermentation philosophy, old and new world techniques, and troubleshooting. Read More


Modern and Efficient Yeast Management

Presented in association with VLB. Deniz Bilge describes the influences of yeast performance on fermentation. Why is “happy” yeast necessary for brewer success? He’ll cover topics including modern yeast propagation strategies and yeast storage. Read More


Practical Yeast Care

A guide to practical care, harvest and storage of yeast for the small brewer. Read More

Displaying results 21-30 of 50