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What’s your current position at your brewery, and how did you get started in the craft brewing industry?

I’m the brewmaster at Sugar Creek Brewing Co. in Charlotte, N.C. I started brewing 19 years ago in college because I could only afford good beer if I made it myself.

What’s new at Sugar Creek?

We are kettle and barrel souring. We also just installed a high-speed bottling line.

What’s the best part of being a part of the craft brewing community?

It’s a terrific community of people interested in perfecting their craft and sharing it with others.

Name a favorite food and beer pairing.

A big Belgian dubbel with a rich beef stew.

What’s your biggest accomplishment unrelated to your job?

Raising a wonderful son with my beautiful wife.

What’s your favorite beer that your brewery does not produce?

Rodenbach Caract re Rouge.

What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery?

Play outside with family and friends including mountain biking, boating, snowboarding, and surfing.

What’s the most memorable travel destination at which you’ve had a chance to sample the local beer?

The first time I traveled to Munich for Oktoberfest made an impact on me with so many people of all ages enjoying fresh beer. It was unlike any other beer I had ever tried.



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