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What’s your current position at your brewery, and how did you get started in the craft brewing industry?

I’m the Texas sales manager [for North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, Calif.]. I started in 1989 at age 19 as a liquor manager at an Albertson’s grocery store in Redlands, Calif. I built a 50-case end cap of Red Seal Ale while my store manager was on vacation and sold all 50 cases in a week. Fast forward to 2015 and I landed my dream job at North Coast.

What’s new at North Coast?

We recently became a B Corp! We are also coming out with our first official IPA, North Coast Steller IPA, with a portion of the profits supporting marine mammal research.

What’s the best part of being a part of the craft brewing community?

Being part of a progressive company that doesn’t just make world-class craft beer but knows that we have an awesome responsibility to make a difference in this world. Sales of Brother Thelonious have already raised more than a million dollars in jazz education and scholarships to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. We are also utilizing solar energy and have a biodynamic garden/farm with no waste.

Name a favorite food and beer pairing.

North Coast Le Merle with duck confit.

What’s your biggest accomplishment unrelated to your job?

Having a wonderful wife who has been with me since I was 19 years old and sharing our dreams together. We have five children who are all blessings!

What’s your favorite beer that your brewery does not produce?

Ayinger Br uweisse.

What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery?

I play tennis with my family and have an eight-year-old who plays in USTA Tournaments.

What’s the most memorable travel destination at which you’ve had a chance to sample the local beer?

Old Rasputin and oysters at Fort Bragg, Calif.


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