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What’s your current position at your brewery?

I’m the brewmaster at Standing Stone Brewing Co. in Ashland, Ore.

What’s new at Standing Stone and what’s next on the horizon?

Having been in business for 19 years, Standing Stone is beginning a facelift via new color schemes, tables, chairs, wall pictures, etc. For the brewery itself, perhaps our own keg washer and a 1-bbl pilot system will be on the horizon.

How long have you served on the BA board of directors?

I’m in my fourth year, having been reelected to a second term in fall 2015.

What’s it like to serve on the board?

Serving on the board has opened my eyes to the immense variety of work the Brewers Association does. Before joining the board I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about the BA from serving on three different committees. I quickly learned that the BA, through a dedicated and professional staff along with a wide committee network, does way more than I thought. Being on the board has helped me learn about issues and perspectives that I don’t see from my day-to-day vantage point as a brewpub brewer. We have challenging conversations and explore topics thoroughly and thoughtfully, leading us to always be behind on the agenda. Regardless, we always find a way to finish on time so we can share a beer before heading to the airport for flights home.

What challenges and satisfactions have you met during your board service?

The current challenge is chairing the Finance Committee. I took over the chair right at a point when the Finance Committee began to engage in important decisions and projects. We have smart and talented people on the committee who help me learn. A big satisfaction is being able to get together with colleagues on a regular basis.

What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery and the BA board?

My wife, Ginger Johnson, and I love to entertain. We are constantly having people over for dinner, beer:30, and big parties. If friends, acquaintances, or family are coming through town, one of our first questions is, “Do you want to stay with us?” So if you are headed our way, let us know; we’ll be thrilled to host you.

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