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What’s your current position at your company?

I am director of marketing for Brewers Supply Group (BSG).

How long have you served on the Brewers Association board of directors?

Since January 2014.

What’s it like to serve on the board?

Humbling, exciting, and thought-provoking. It’s an amazing thing to serve with so many great minds from the brewing industry and community; I feel fortunate for the opportunity to learn, develop relationships, and help contribute to the goals of the Brewers Association, the American Homebrewers Association, and their respective members.

What challenges and satisfactions have you met during your board service?

Since I am one of the two AHA Governing Committee representatives on the board, our challenges are unique. We are speaking for the AHA and the homebrewing community, making sure it is part of the overall discussion. That can sometimes seem like a small boat in a very large ocean. However, it is satisfying to find that our voices, views, and concerns are taken seriously and are always folded into the mix.

What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery and the BA board?

Spend time with my family, fly fishing, and art.

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