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What’s your current position at your brewery, and how did you get started in the craft brewing industry?
I am one of the owners and founders at Winchester Brew Works. I manage all of our front-of-house duties…plus a little bit of everything else. Like most brewers, my husband and I started homebrewing several years ago while working at a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and became fast friends with another homebrewing couple who we happened to work with. Fast forward to five years later, and two of us left the corporate world to start Winchester Brew Works. We haven’t looked back since!

What’s new at Winchester Brew Works?
After years of talking about it, we’re finally venturing into barrel aging. As a small three-barrel brewery, it’s always felt like a lot of risk to introduce barrels into the mix. Our first effort at aging a Belgian Tripel in a bourbon barrel, which also aged a spiced mead, has turned out great and we’re excited about what to age next.

What’s the best part of being a part of the craft brewing community?
By far it’s the people. I’ve found this community to be the most welcoming group. Everyone’s always open to sharing ideas, collaborating, and teaching you what they’ve learned along the way. I love making so many new friends with shared interests.

Name a favorite food and beer pairing.
Give me hot wings and a Bohemian pilsener any day.

What’s your biggest accomplishment unrelated to your job?
Definitely my two sons. My oldest was born only a couple weeks before our grand opening, so watching the brewery and the baby grow up together has been so much fun.

What’s your favorite beer from another brewery?
I have to give this one to Ocelot’s Sunnyside Dweller. It’s the perfect pilsner.

What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery?
I really enjoy spending time with my kids and time in my kitchen trying out new recipes. During the warmer months I like to get out in my garden and work on my somewhat green thumb.

What’s the most memorable travel destination at which you’ve had a chance to sample the local beer?
Asheville, North Carolina for sure. I’m from North Carolina originally, and seeing the craft beer community grow and thrive there has been really exciting. There are breweries on every corner and they’re all doing something new and exciting. The food scene in Asheville is incredible, as well as the people, the arts scene, and the Blue Ridge views.

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