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How long have you served on the BA board of directors?

My first meeting was in February 2009. I have also been on the American Homebrewers Association’s Governing Committee since 2004.

What’s it like to serve on the board?

Working on the BA board is challenging and exhilarating. The board is an eclectic group of extremely talented, dynamic men and women. I study the issues, observe the trends, crunch the numbers, and come prepared with my A-game each board meeting. While both the BA and the board are comprised of fun-loving people, I wouldn’t want to come to the table without a thorough understanding of the issues and at least a partially developed sense of where I believe the organization should head.

What challenges and satisfactions have you met during your board service?

Providing meaningful input and direction to such a wonderfully talented and passionate team always leaves me energized. And with the benefit of more than a half dozen years of hindsight, I can see the positive effects the board has provided the BA in terms of strategy and direction. It is a wonderfully symbiotic relationship. We (the board) get to say to the BA management and staff, “Go there, jump this high, make it so.” And they proceed to identify the resources, map out the plan, and achieve the goals we set. Of the multitude of assignments and commitments I have made over the years, this has truly been one of the most soul-satisfying endeavors I have ever been involved with.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

After 30 years of working at Ford Motor Company, I am toying with the idea of retiring and finding a second career in the craft brewing world. I am not sure in what capacity, but I am starting to noodle on that. I have some thoughts, but opening a brewery at this age is not in the cards for me. I have a tiny investment in a brewpub (Salt Springs Brewery) just up the street from where I live.

What do you like to do in your time away from the BA board?

I live in an 1870’s Victorian home with my wife, Kris. We love to play in the various vegetable and flower gardens, and travel. Of course, as a homebrewer, I love to create and tweak amazing fermentables and evang-ALE-ize and convert those who have not heard the word of craft! Would you have a few minutes to speak about the power and flavor of today’s American pale ales? God bless you.


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