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American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week - May 12-18, 2014

Throughout each year, beer weeks that celebrate the culture and community of craft brewers are happening across the US. One can quickly search ‘beer week’ on the Internet to get a multitude of options. The Brewers Association is happy to assemble American Craft Beer Week, the mother of all beer weeks, each May. This celebration, coordinated by the Craft Beer Program, is an exciting opportunity for craft brewers to commemorate their art and tradition with enthusiasts across the country .

Bottoms up, beer lovers. If you're looking for an excuse to hoist a cold one, here's a reason: It's American Craft Beer Week. -USA Today May 2011

“There’s really something shockingly patriotic to drink American owned beer, and it really is a community thing”
- Fox News, May 2011


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History of American Craft Beer Week

In 2006, the Brewers Association American Beer Month, which was traditionally in July, was changed to be a weeklong coordinated effort timed before the busy summer beer season. One week's worth of national activities was found to be more manageable and thus more effective. Plus, the term ‘craft’ was added to the title in order to dial in the focus of the events. This week became the largest national effort focusing on American craft beer and remains so today.

Numbers that show the increase in interest both from breweries and beer lovers are as follows:

  • 124 breweries posted events in 2006 the year it changed to American Craft Beer Week.
  • 150 breweries participated in 2007
  • 168 breweries participated in 2008
  • 212 brewery members participated in 2009 posting over 500 individual events into the Brewers database which is the official event database for American Craft Beer Week.
  • 341 brewery locations and 621 events were posted for the 2010 celebration.
  • 1,521 events posted to the official ACBW calendar with events in ALL 50 states in 2011
  • 1,368 events posted to the official ACBW calendar with events in ALL 50 states in 2012
  • 1,269 events posted to the official ACBW calendar with events in ALL 50 states in 2013
Declaration of Beer Independence

ACBW Declaration of Beer

The American Craft Beer Week website is full of information for Brewers Association members to tie-into this program. Please consider participating.